On speculative bets and cryptocurrencies.

A recent post caught my attention by @HsakaTrades, which was further quote tweeted by @ZhuSu. Both of them are rather large and important folks in the weird realm known as Crypto Twitter. Crypto Twitter is perhaps more important, dollar for dollar, than Financial Twitter itself (even if many on FinTwit would like to view it as some weird benign tumor that fissioned off of FinTwit), because rather unlikely FinTwit Crypto Twitter (or CT, as many call it) actually makes money, Both in the way that the largest, most notable accounts on CT tend to be actual crypto whales (such as Zhu Su, who heads Three Arrow Capital), and because the crypto economy is profoundly impacted by sentiment, which can be gauged by looking at Twitter quite well (more on this at a later post probably).

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